Stew Peters: Mike Lindell SUES THE FBI For Tracking His CELL PHONE! Military QUIETLY Drops Vaxx Purge and Ontario schools protecting perverted teachers, parents are preparing to protest! FULL SHOW

1 thought on “Stew Peters: Mike Lindell SUES THE FBI For Tracking His CELL PHONE! Military QUIETLY Drops Vaxx Purge and Ontario schools protecting perverted teachers, parents are preparing to protest! FULL SHOW”

  1. Well Stew I feel somewhat less tormented now that I know I’m not alone , my story is probably one that you would be interested in , it’s still going on and I would love to put pressure on my pharmacist alchemist bother and cousin boyh pharmacists coerced my parents into taking the BOOSTER !!?? I WAS LIVID no both mom n dad who were on ce the most golden hearted compassionate intelligent people are now aggressive and reject every thing I say that is of nature moms got myloidal spasmodic syndrome (pre-cancer ) shes in hospital , mom was affected mentally more profoundly at first even before the actual shot I am positively sure this TOXIC BREW was in food n water , elderly are like “the proverbial canaries in the coal mines ” wait till the children start dropping us that what we are expected to do by these absolute NERDS , I am disillusioned by the delusional thinking around thr world its the mRNA anf C.E.R.N , A.i attack a simulated reality some augmented and some fragmented. When my mom and dad called police on me while I was asleep in my bed , they carried out the worst abuse and injustice against me I’ve ever endured in my life and I’ve been to prison 2X that’s the norm in Brevard county Florida jail and prison , America got a Fucked up attitude toward its own citizens , my parents calluded with my brother to imprison me mostly my mom was the person to lie but they left me I jail , I’m finishing house arrest in 2 weeks my mother n father became autistic like , it’s hard to explain they lose compassion , motivation , higher cognition , I’m a C.S.C.S highest degree of certification a personal strength and conditioning coach can have yet bc my brother wears a white coat he has all the influence along with other idiots in white coats , the jail under covid lawlessness was not giving me medication I almost died , the jail was not giving court dates as courts were closed the DA had early offer I plea no contest to assault (I was literally trying to help my mom stabilizing her she made up a lie saying I hit her then they lied again to me saying they only meant to have me baker acted bc 3 days prior I asked my dad do you like want me to kill u and myself in a question format not seriously he knew that and two months prior to the arrest I had a problem I had priapism from Transverse myletis from a flu vaccine 10yrs ago ironically …so I needed to get to ER my mother was insanely obsessively scared of covid and said if I go to the hospital not to come back home this was back in May of 2020 before the vaccine deployment.. after they got what they wanted so bad that they put me in jail and was ready to let me go to prison , I forgave them but they are like an empty garage .. and I hate saying this it makes me feel horrible , I wish my brother was not born . That fucking asshole is still denying the jab is what caused mom n dad to get cancer (mom) dad osteoporosis, my brother I found out also vaccinated my niece age 11 and Ian Nephew age 14 , I’m in denial this is happening over tried everything they literally moved away to live with my brother and now do not answer me when I call they don’t give a shit weather in dead or alive . I want to ask you does your dad still feel like family ? My parents are 180° different people in personality cheap as hell too , very illogical and now it’s like I feel responsible for allowing them at their age to get the jab .. my life has forever changed not sure who if anyone but myself u can trust , sometimes I think that 50% of population are clones
    I can’t be cloned bc 0- blood is non cloneable .. my mom gets her transfusions of vaccinated blood my brother and cousins should be in prison facing death as you put it , and I agree these creeps ain’t human 😐- today is the 24th of Sept. I remember someone saying this day will be remembered or something to that affect .. anyway I’d like to meet you some day , I’m on Telegram bigkore17
    My email
    321-704-3029 is a number For Stew or producers .. only .. thank u Dr Ruby and Stew .. God bless you two – Peter

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